Meet Cindy Bayer

I’m Cindy Bayer and Rustic Romance at Bayer Farm is where my enthusiasm for antiques and the excitement of a fresh pick meet my passion for a unique customer experience.

Before I was in the antiques business, I was a kindergarten teacher and a childcare provider for over 30 years. I have learned to work very hard and to believe in myself. I pay attention to small details, and I think I’m quite good at noticing the small things. I believe in planning, setting goals, and hopefully achieving them. Aside from two years as a kindergarten teacher, I have been a small business owner my entire life. I raised my boys right here in Greenfield MA, and they have all gone on to be very successful in their own rights. They are fine men, and I am very proud.

Why Barn Sales?

I never set out to conduct barn sales. My original intention after purchasing what is now Bayer Farm was to clean up the property and return to Chicago to care for my parents. I had just gone through a divorce and in the wake of that ordeal I discovered not only a barnload of opportunities in disguise, but also a new passion for rustic style and decor. I’m so grateful for the friends and family that supported me while we “ate this elephant one bite at a time”–after the initial antiques landslide shock wore off! Thanks to a trial run helping a friend sell off an estate during a family move, I had the proof I needed that I could, absolutely, make the barn into a business.

My first Barn Sale was a little over 2 years ago. These days, I’m so pleased to offer a more refined barn shopping experience and to be able to share my creative, countrified home styles with people from all over the Pioneer Valley and beyond.

‘Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life’

I love my business model. I have only one or two sales per month, and the rest of the time I’m out finding treasures. I love pumping up interest online and love the satisfaction that comes when others enjoy my finds as much as I do. My clients are 90% women and are like family to me. These relationships are often collaborative in nature, and I enjoy the discovery process when sourcing special items or doing custom work. I share many details of my personal life online, and my customers, in turn, share with me. I try to keep track of who likes certain items, such as red furniture, or country french decor, or a shiplap style sign. Sometimes I suggest something totally out of the box—just to get a reaction. If its a bad idea, we can always laugh it off! If it’s a good one, the item goes to its new home.

My Style

I try to group items according to a color scheme, theme, or style of decor. Basically, I create vignettes by what speaks to me. Sometimes throwing in contrasting elements like a pop of bright color or something industrial against something more feminine and elegant. A regal swan and some upcycled salvage metal perhaps! Clients have to be able to envision my items in their own homes. They need to have that “aha” moment. If I’m having an “aha” moment, usually my clients will too!.

Interior style is a talent. Building relationships? That’s my passion.