House Calls

What You Can Expect

House calls usually begin with a chat over the phone when I’ll schedule a walk-through with you. Once I’m there for the walkthrough,  I’ll make a list and take many photos of all of your available items (Just so you know, I prefer to exclude most upholstered goods and all mattresses).

After my assessment, I’ll need a day or two to come up with a realistic offer. Once we agree on a price and write up a contract, I’ll schedule a truck and crew to pick up the goods. On the pick-up day, it’s best if any furniture has been emptied and made ready to load up. Also please provide safe access to the property so we can safely remove all of the items. I’m able to wrap and pack smalls items.

You’ll be paid at the end of the loading process right before I leave.

I look forward to meeting you. It’ll be a win-win for all!